located at the site of the new buildings in an excellent investment in the Bab bin Ghashir in the city of Tripoli and is very easy to reach. It is located about 5 km from the city center of trade. And you can contact us at the following address:
Tel: 00218 21 361 0888 - Fax: 00218 21 3631 653

About us
Engineer Library - library - is a commercial activity and one of the leading libraries in Libya in the supply of stationery and office needs and the school in addition to the engineering drawing tools. We currently have one seat in the door bin Gashir and other branches will soon open in other major cities.
We strive to provide the best Vdatna high quality an excellent services have helped us to achieve in a short period and did not achieve what others have in years.
Our Policy
- Each customer is the most important customers. Thus, we prefer to treat all our customers and we are trying to achieve their desired success through the provision of the best and committed to the timetable agreed upon in the delivery of their applications.
- We believe that all clients have the right to receive the same quality of product and pricing the same, regardless of where they are.
- Our success can be achieved only through your success and is why we are doing our best and we work with our customers to succeed together.
We offer our customers more than a way to request the goods (by phone – by e-photographer - and e-mail in addition to direct our visit).
Our objects
To strive with all our energy in order to offer you the following:
- The best global brands, and the best competitive prices through the diversification of sources.
- The provision of additional services Ktusil the goods to the customers to do that step further on the distinctiveness of our competitors.
- The provision of all goods to suit individuals and private companies and public schools and all according to its competence and according to budget. .

Bab Ben Ghashir - Investment Buildings
Tripoli - Libya
Phone: 00218 21 361 0888